hello its been long time i didn't post anything for this blog T.T um um
well for now, lets stop talking about my love life cause its sort of sucks. REALLY SUCKS!! forget it~

key lets talk about my scores first. Well last saturday my parents got my scores report. And i didn't come to school, btw. Why????? cause it given by ms. engkay. Kind of scare of it, and for the scores..... don't expect to much about it. For me passed all of the subjects is enough. But guess what? i got 4th place for my rank on the class. Can you believe it? kind of shocking mee!!!!! i just said 'ugh is it real?' but well i proud of it. I really do even till now -_-

And what i've to tell you now? nothing interesting. Even for this holiday, home, bored, sleep, eat. asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm

Ariadne Ayuningtyas


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