#wish1 : MOVE ON!

from the title, it sounds sooooo weird. attractive? i am. but i dont wannabe hypocritical person. isnt that good? haha

okey first, why move on is firs thing on my plan? i do miss him, A LOT. but it really hurt when i knew that he already got a date GAH! he said it clearly without no offense. "kenapa rasanya segitu sakit ya?" it that so easy to forget everything we've done? gosh! cant imagine

second, live must going on right? i can always act like nothing happened, and always ask "why it supposed to happen to me?" g-a-l-a-w. yayaya even my friends who read my blog said 'how pathetic you are! you always post hubbub thing on your write" well i cant deny, its true. though i just shouted my mouth and set a silly face, once again i cant deny

third, i dont wanna wasting my tears for something ... um... not important? even HE DOESNT CARE!

enough for now,
xoxo, ariadne ayuningtyas


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