she has everything, i don't. Can i say god isn't fair? i don't want being that little girl who always tell to do something. I know what to do, but people always cheap it. Once were, when i realized he'd already hers.

I want to ask him, just 5 seconds "what do you like from her". And however, life control by god not me. and i want to scream as loud as i can. On a lace that people wouldn't find me - with new life, mew people, new me. and no one can disturb me. But people know, i must moving on, which still stuck on him, her, past. Being sick of tears, and act like nothing happen. I do care with how they life going, and wish he were mine. I am a funny little girl, while i am wearing mask on it cause i am not.

wish me luck, for live in those fucking life and once again
can i say "god isn't fair, when hat girl had everything i want so damn?"


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