I'm sick of this my boring fuckin life, I'm so bored with the who I used to be. I wanna change EVERYTHING this bad holy feeling, life style, situation, time, and of course chance

and i think the first think i've to change is my thoughts, cause everything we all wanna do always began with thinking right? but it seems so silly but.... gosh! i want doraemon who have a magical door, time machine, magical pocket which will give everything you want! but one thing you have to note is, doraemon is only a fantasy right? peoples made it to make us happy. For god's sake, i hate this part. to knew that it was only fantasy. Fantasy which can make you fly into the moon but when you knew, it can make you drop like a loser whoo.

have you ever wondering about somethin which *OF COURSE* never be come true? for me it's... what? mmm habit? esp when i go to sleep. for the last night i went to sleep and wondering somethin then it became a wonderful...... dream. uuu sorry not became true. *i wish* you do? so do i?

you know what? maybe it sounds silly, but imagine somethin wonderful can make me out of stress.

ps: if you have a doraemon or more at least gimme one! just get head to my house :)

xoxo, ariadne ayuningtyas


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