aloha :)

dubidam dubidam you know what? why i often post some story on this blog? cause im tired of twitter -,- what do i expect from 140 characters huh? so i moved here (not moving exactly, just the other way) to story what happening now one me

well even me don't know what's going on with me. I just feel sick of this flat life. i wanna somethin frigging! awesome!

at school? oh come on, i do really stupid but i can fix it by cheated :) open book or something else. but really i cant fix my math ! it is soooooo bad. and the teacher? ugh annoying of course

love life? lets moving on! he played me like i am a toy. but i cant deny i still love him.............. very much. when i knew he's now with the other date it felt like... crap! i regret it, once were. i just felt i lost him, well past he wasn't mine but when i was with him it felt really good. and he's the only guy who knows all about me! everything!! i need other boy :( not as a healer but as a new one. to make a new life of mine. i wish

xoxo ariadne ayuningtyas


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