welcome :D

hey people, i've just changed my blog templates to be like this (?) yeah you can see it anyway. What do you think? well i think it's ok. hem just simple but cool -_-

oke yesterday today tomorrow i have to gave orientation to my new junior at school. And the student? ridiculous of course -__- they are absurd and lalala. And two people gave me some love letters. yayaya actually im happy .nbl nanta and rizky. they are had lots of letter fufu~~ just want to memorize this moments

1st letter *he gave me poetry
kalau lapar makanlah
makanlah sampe full
aku hanya ingin bicara
i love you full

i just laughed as loud as i can omg

2nd *well i forgot the words but.. he wrote"
wajah mu mengalihkan dunia ku

sorry but i just put them away *unintinteonally


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