There are two best friend. A girl and a boy. Jane and Josh. They are quite close, and no one who exactly know about how close they are.
And its began when Jane had a big problem. Jane’s parents has a big argument. In messenger Jane said “really i can’t stop crying”. Josh said “is that worst? OK i call you”
On the phone, Josh said “hey what's up? its not usual that you cry as long as yo do now” and Jane told everything about her problem. While Jane cried, josh said “be patent honey everything gonna be alright. Cause you dont know what will happen in the future” And without her aware Jane fell in love with Josh.
One day Jane hung out with her friends. Jane go to cinema and suddenly he saw Josh with her girlfriend exactly. “what happen to me? Am I jealous? Hey he is just my friend” in Jane’s mind. But she realize that it isn’t OK. “am i fall in love with him? Oh god help me” . So she decided to call Josh.
“hey are you in Mall? Cause i’ve just saw someone like you” Jane said
“Oh yes, maybe it’s me” Josh replied
“Are you with you girlfriend?”
“Well past and I am alone now, wanna join me?” Ask Josh
“uuum..I’d love to Josh, but my mom just called me. She want me to go home” Jane ignorance
“OK, hey my friend call me. Talk to you later, bye”
Actually she does not wanna go to her home. She always regret later when once were, she can't do anything. she can only see Josh, dissapear.
At the midnight in messenger Josh said “hi :D” “hi” Jane reply. “Have some time? I want to story about my experience tonight hahaha” Josh ask. “Sure”. And Josh told everything about him and his girlfriend done. “Really it’s good. God! If i have a time machine, i will replay back those moments”. Jane just said “hahaha” but in her mind “You don't know how this pain feeling my heart, Josh”
A week later. In Wednesday night, Jane sit in her desk. She can’t concentrate. She always think, think, think, and miss Josh. She started to cried. “I can’t be like this, really it’s hurt”. And suddenly Josh call her. Jane stopped to cried and reach the phone to answer the call.
“You know what? Im broke up with my girlfriend” Josh said
“Why?” Jane ask
“I don’t know, she broke it first” Josh replied
And the phone ended. How happy is she. “God I cant believe it!”. And She started to study happily, nicely. But the phone ringing again, it’s from Josh. And Jane answer it.
“FYI, i got my relationship back! Really im so happy right now. I explained to her, that im not not what she's thinking about. And she's ok and im really happy. Isn’t that good?” Josh told
“.........sure, it’s um really good. Congratulation dude” Jane said
“hey whats going on? your sound heard doesn't sound like usual, are you sick?” Josh fears
“No worried, I am OK”
“Are you sure?” Josh ensure
“Really trust me, I am OK” and the called ended later.
"how could im love with him, hey? he's in relationship" in Jane’s mind. And Day past girl "hey its looks weird but its true that, im broke up with my gf . She broke it, she told that actually yesterday she want for sure to end our relationship, uum its hurt" "oh how could? but be patient" "thanks a lot, fyi you're the one who wanna hear my story during this time" the girl felt really really happy with the boy words.

And for months they have been doing same until now. without relationship or something. Even the boy or the girl haven't get relationship with others.
and the girl just waiting and waiting till the boy realize that there are something between them and say "hey boy i love you"


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