live? it is full things of mistake, problem, wrong, etc. So do we need time machine. Well some of people want it, but im sure i do not need it why? if you make mistake(s) it will learn you so you would never do same one. But i know it difficult.So i just want to kill someone who i prove wrong in my mind. Can i? i want to, REALLY. But its only words. Its just what im feeling. Make cup of hot milo stand in my bed and remind what you've done. And you will know "hey you're not that worst" if someone tell you "you're stupid, you're supposed to be ashamed" well just say "are you better than me" turn around and you will feel WELL IM GOOD! it seems *lebay* but i thinks that the point. If they can do that, we can do sameone. Cant we?


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