i dont know, and no bodies know it. But when i heard ‘on a day just like this’ songs i always wanna cry. but something diffrent when i heard it last time. I cried, but it not because of him. Him which i’ve been talk about this during. This is really really unusual. I wonder, how come? i can move on? can i? oh god, thanks. is this really happen? really i can believe it. Cause even my friends anoher boy can help me *hahaha about this problem.

so, now im even thinking why i could forget him? and i know the answer now. There are someone else *inmyheart. He is creepy, absurd, fnny, easy going AND its so diffrent from HIM!!!! oh how could? But i though this is something called love. L O V E - L O V E sweets but hurts. so am i people who can move on?


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