a tenet that i always keep, from a long time ago, i cant explain in an act. I always told my friend "you don't need cry like crazy people, because of a boy". Now, i always cry all night long because of a boy.

why? why i have to cry? late alone it is because of a boy? why in my eyes there is you when i am with another boy? I always cry if i see his profile on facebook.Oh god help me please.

my friends always told me "yu, you have to get another boy to forgot him" i tried it. But i can not, then i cried. Oh many knew about this. I mean that i love him. I dont care what the fuck they say about it. But him? what he say about me?

now, i always jealous if i saw him with a girl. May be it wasn't his girl. But i still jealous. One more think, but it is just my feeling. When he talk to me, he always looking on my eyes until now. That's why he make me fall in love with him.

Boy, it is really really really hard for me to forget you. Cause you are make me fall in love

Ariadne Ayuningtyas ♥


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