today? so bored

im so boring (right now, maybe 'till tomorrow) i dont know what i have to do. I just online, sleep, watch tv, eating, etc. And its so boring.

I have back to school at 1st october, i mean thursday. Yeah yeah i hate my principal. Its "nanggung" Thursday and friday we bac to school and the saturday we get a holiday (again, actually we caal it weekend) but it's same. More better if we back to school at moday (at 5th i think)

I don't know what i Suppose to do. heem. Oh yeaaah this afetrnoon i have to tbi. Yeah it is a english course. Yeah it is make my english better than before. My class call millwall there is
1. me
2. xena
3. asti
4. joanne
5. mayang
6. cella
7. kezia
8. hanif
9. alvin
10. reza
11. dimas
12. hisyam (he is so smart)
13. Gaje ( if you're millwall you must be know who is this)
and BRAM, he is our teacher, maap yang kagak kesebut

Okay we have to say good bye, see you in next post


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