hello ;p

heey! long time no see yaaa. I wanna tell my story

yeah it is tbi day. It's just me, asti, dimas, reza, hisyam, hanif and gjgj. Yeah we play something bored. So, we should tell three sentence about my life, but only one which the true, than an other is lye (is it a right grammar? i dont think so) pokoknya gitu deeh. Than an other student must be guess which the true. So the best lyer is asti. HAhahah and the most stupid is hanif he say
1. i have been met ridho roma
2. i have been hug sby
3. sby give me money (2000 yg baru itu loooh katanya)
yasud next story

Nothing special. I just online, watch television, eat, and sleep.

udah deh yaa capek babai, see my new sign


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