hello its been long time i didn't post anything for this blog T.T um um
well for now, lets stop talking about my love life cause its sort of sucks. REALLY SUCKS!! forget it~

key lets talk about my scores first. Well last saturday my parents got my scores report. And i didn't come to school, btw. Why????? cause it given by ms. engkay. Kind of scare of it, and for the scores..... don't expect to much about it. For me passed all of the subjects is enough. But guess what? i got 4th place for my rank on the class. Can you believe it? kind of shocking mee!!!!! i just said 'ugh is it real?' but well i proud of it. I really do even till now -_-

And what i've to tell you now? nothing interesting. Even for this holiday, home, bored, sleep, eat. asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm

Ariadne Ayuningtyas

havent i?

well well well ive already moved on by the way. A good guy, and of course not womanizer. GAH! im to scare with it. But here's the problem. Im in loved with the wrong guy. Not with himself but with the 'fans'. i had some little argue with her, but when i met her, we felt like nothing happened. But it feels so wrong, i want to lose my self, but i love him much, really. Cause it feels different being next to him. Im not planning this btw I realized it when everything goes better when i with him. So what should i do? i dont even know which is better. Love much. Oh i do

Ariadne Ayuningtyas <3


she has everything, i don't. Can i say god isn't fair? i don't want being that little girl who always tell to do something. I know what to do, but people always cheap it. Once were, when i realized he'd already hers.

I want to ask him, just 5 seconds "what do you like from her". And however, life control by god not me. and i want to scream as loud as i can. On a lace that people wouldn't find me - with new life, mew people, new me. and no one can disturb me. But people know, i must moving on, which still stuck on him, her, past. Being sick of tears, and act like nothing happen. I do care with how they life going, and wish he were mine. I am a funny little girl, while i am wearing mask on it cause i am not.

wish me luck, for live in those fucking life and once again
can i say "god isn't fair, when hat girl had everything i want so damn?"

#wish1 : MOVE ON!

from the title, it sounds sooooo weird. attractive? i am. but i dont wannabe hypocritical person. isnt that good? haha

okey first, why move on is firs thing on my plan? i do miss him, A LOT. but it really hurt when i knew that he already got a date GAH! he said it clearly without no offense. "kenapa rasanya segitu sakit ya?" it that so easy to forget everything we've done? gosh! cant imagine

second, live must going on right? i can always act like nothing happened, and always ask "why it supposed to happen to me?" g-a-l-a-w. yayaya even my friends who read my blog said 'how pathetic you are! you always post hubbub thing on your write" well i cant deny, its true. though i just shouted my mouth and set a silly face, once again i cant deny

third, i dont wanna wasting my tears for something ... um... not important? even HE DOESNT CARE!

enough for now,
xoxo, ariadne ayuningtyas

aloha :)

dubidam dubidam you know what? why i often post some story on this blog? cause im tired of twitter -,- what do i expect from 140 characters huh? so i moved here (not moving exactly, just the other way) to story what happening now one me

well even me don't know what's going on with me. I just feel sick of this flat life. i wanna somethin frigging! awesome!

at school? oh come on, i do really stupid but i can fix it by cheated :) open book or something else. but really i cant fix my math ! it is soooooo bad. and the teacher? ugh annoying of course

love life? lets moving on! he played me like i am a toy. but i cant deny i still love him.............. very much. when i knew he's now with the other date it felt like... crap! i regret it, once were. i just felt i lost him, well past he wasn't mine but when i was with him it felt really good. and he's the only guy who knows all about me! everything!! i need other boy :( not as a healer but as a new one. to make a new life of mine. i wish

xoxo ariadne ayuningtyas